Firm breasts : how

Firm up breasts

In this blog, we will see the solutions that allow to firm up breasts as naturally as possible.
We won’t talk about surgical methods (breast implants and lipoffinig) which are not compatible with “natural products” for me.
Because there are solutions to firm up breasts, not spectacular solutions that work for all the girls, but solutions that work well in most cases.
It is clear that in certain cases, for example the ptosis, even rather mediocre results see downright suck.

We are not done all in the same way (and Yes, we don’t get out of the same mold!).
We will also see how to grow his chest... and Yes, it is possible to have bigger breasts without taking 10 pounds!

I will also introduce products I selected and which are the most effective. In general, I take products at low prices or average price, never expensive cosmetic brands.
I tested some on me, but frankly I’ve tried everything. There are too many of them! some products claiming to strengthen the chest do inspire me very much and he had to make choices.

Buy breast firming care here
Buy breast firming care here

Buy breast firming care here

So no miraculous perlimpinpin powder that will give you a beautiful chest!
In revenge, tips and tricks that work well on the breasts, which have been tried by a lot of girls before me and who deliver results.

Why breasts are falling?

There are several firming methods. Some will ask you to make an effort, because there is no miracle, it will take move you if you want to see your breasts up, more farms than ever before!

I give you here the themes I addressed. For each of them, there is a full page with lots of details and explanations so that you can judge for yourself and see if it suits you. The basis of what to know before all if you want to really strengthen voting chest. As they say the inevitable, that is to say that already, we must look at what makes my chest is falling.

If your breasts are falling and are less firm before, there can be some of the reasons below that are the cause. For the following 8 points, you can always do something, finally, if you really want!

  1. The smoke,
  2. Alcohol,
  3. Decision-making and rapid loss of weight (after big plans for example),
  4. Run, jump or play sports without bra that keeps the chest,
  5. The lack of activity,
  6. Dry skin and the lack of hydration,
  7. The power supply if it lacks green and leguminous, or if it is too greasy or sweet.
  8. Excessive exposure to the Sun,

For the following 2, you can just do prevention, and not big things of more actually! Especially for point 2… Here, anybody can do.

  1. Pregnancies, births, and the feedings,
  2. The change of life (.. .the menopause).

3 ways to firm up breasts

Entering the heart of the matter. Ways that work, there is not dozens… but just 3.

1 way to firm up breasts: build muscles

Everyone says, in addition to the 8 points seen above to avoid having breasts that fall, going to bulk up or rebuild his body. The top down it is to say, the arms, shoulders, back muscles, PECs, ABS.

Even if the breast is not a muscle in him, there are two who are just behind between the mammary glands and the rib cage.

These muscles are little solicit in the life of every day. There is no other solution than to make them work for harden. But we can reinforce and strengthen the chest as a whole.

2nd way to firm up breasts: massages

When it comes to massage the breasts, some women smile. I speak not men, they are hilarious! Massage the breasts and what you should learn all the girls (women).

The massage of the breast does not no matter how. There is a technique that works because it is well thought out, logical and coherent. Just to follow, it is not complicated.

I will explain in detail how massage you the breasts to make them stronger in this comprehensive tutorial. You can use Fenugreek oil (Bio).

3rd way to firm up breasts: cryotherapy

Cryotherapy, is the application of ice on a part of the body. It is used a lot to sports and medical. But cryotherapy is also used in the aesthetic field. It is a method within the reach of all girls and all budgets.

When you put ice on the skin (on the breasts for what interests us), the skin retracts, the blood exchanges are reactivated, breasts tighten and back automatically. Inevitably, it stings a little at the beginning but when you see the result we say that… We’re taking on itself! But still, we adapt quickly to cold on the breast. I will explain in this article why the cold and the ice on the chest firming the breasts.

And grow breasts, it’s possible?

In another part of the blog, I will discuss in detail how to get bigger breast. Grow breasts is always possible. Strengthen them and grow them at the same time, this is a must for all girls.

You notice only when you take a few pounds, they will start first on the belly, then the hips, then the buttocks, thighs and… the breasts.

The ideal would be to take those pounds just there where you need it. For some, it’s at the level of the buttocks to have nice round ass (it’s no fashion!) while others have just plumpness at breast level would be a must.

Difficult to say how many Cup size may have more, a size it is on, maybe even 2 sizes.

How to get bigger breasts? Read this article that give you the tips and remedies to grow chest naturally.