Firming the breast without doing anything

Firming the breast without doing anything

Is it really possible to firm the chest without doing anything? Yes .. well almost nothing!

If you are one of those who do not like creams, if you do not want to do sports and you do not have time to take care of yourself, the solution is simple.


How long to firm the breast

You need 5 minutes per day to firm up your chest and have really firmer breasts.

And you can do this from home, when you are in lunch break at the office or even when you are out!

How to do it? Use Ice pockets that fit into the bra.

You can do your activities well during this time! You can be totally dressed, discreet ice pads can not see under your clothes and no one will know or see that you are doing a care to firm your breasts!


  1.      I place my pockets of ice in the freezer compartment
  2.      I put them in my bra
  3.      and that’s all !

After 5 minutes (10 minutes if you can), just remove them.

Already you feel the effects of cold and your breasts tighten, immediately.

It is enough just nothing else, your breasts have their fasting firming treatment.

No massage is necessary, no cream for the bust to apply, no particular exercise to achieve!

All the women have one day or the other breast that relaxes and it takes only 5 minutes to remedy it

Ice breast pocket: 24 € 90

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