Fenugreek breast

Fenugreek for breast Fenugreek enlargement breast

Fenugreek breast oil; This is a plant that is fattening breasts naturally, if you know how to take it and use it.

We read too often that fenugreek breast allows a nice increase in the size of the breasts and it’s true.

But be careful what you read because if fenugreek is good to grow breasts, it comes in several forms and all do not have the same effect.

Seeds, capsules and fenugreek oil Fenugreek enlargement breast

Initially, this Eastern plant is used for weight gain, ground (in sport) and for women in pregnancy period (not breast-feeding).

1 / fenugreek seeds

fenugreek seedIt is also used in spices (in India) for cooked dishes. But the seed is consumed with caution.

Indeed, the seed of fenugreek may well be consumed in the diet, under certain conditions. But the problem is that it promotes weight gain.

IE if eat you fenugreek seeds, breasts get bigger it is true, but the rest is growing also. If your goal is not to grow everywhere but only to swell the chest, then the seeds are not for you.

2 / chest powdered fenugreek Fenugreek enlargement breast

From the seeds of fenugreek, you can prepare a cosmetic care magnifying for chest.

You just reduce the seeds powdered in a blender, the obtained powder must be really very fine car you then diluerez her in oil of your choice.

Prefer a massage oil or an organic natural oil more rich and more penetrating. The massage must be regular and daily to see the effectiveness of this method of magnifying. The constraint with fenugreek powder, it is to prepare self even its powder from the seeds. Do not buy ready-made powder, make the House for him to keep all its properties.

3 / fenugreek in oil

<fenugreek breastFenugreek breast oil to massage the chest. More practical than the homemade, your oil should be of high quality. We always favor a natural and if possible oil bio for the body massage.

The chest needs to be massaged with oil quality fenugreek.

A good massage of breasts with fenugreek oil brings roundness and shapely breasts. The generous massage and deep must be morning and evening, every day over a period of 8 to 12 weeks.

Caveat on the oils that contain petrochemicals as strongly discouraged paraffin based products.

Organic, natural and healthy, your oil more efficiently to increase breast volume fenugreek breast and the results are visible after a few weeks, even if the treatment should last 3 months.

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